Introducing a brand-new 25TSM0.48(G) pump model

Introducing a brand-new 25TSM0.48(G) pump model that arrived at our warehouse in Riga, now available for next day delivery!

TSM(G) series are portable residue dewatering pumps, able to pump down to the floor, so that even the smallest puddle can be pumped dry. TSM(G) pumps are the best for complete drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not available: basements, parking lots, roads, swimming pools, etc.

These pumps are capable of pumping water continuously at 1 mm and are equipped with a swing valve that prevents reverse flow of the sucked water when the pump stops it’s operation.

The 25TSM0.48(G) pump has solids handling capability up to 6 mm, is equipped with cooling jacket, motor overheat protection.



Please ask your local dealer for a quote and more information!

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